The 7 Virtues of Manhood

A Book To Teach Boys What It Means To Follow God In Daily Life

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What Does It Mean To Be A Man?

People have defined manhood countless ways. But when we look to the Bible, we can see these seven virtues of real manhood:

  • True Friend

    Chapter 1

  • Humble Hero

    Chapter 2

  • Servant Leader

    Chapter 3

  • Pacesetter

    Chapter 4

  • Bold Adventurer

    Chapter 5

  • Noble Knight

    Chapter 6

  • Faithful Follower

    Chapter 7

The 7 Virtues of Manhood

The Story Behind This Book

Almost 20 years ago, Presbyterian Day School in Memphis launched Building Boys, Making Men, a program that helps boys grow up to understand the gospel deeply, live it faithfully, and share it boldly.

Since starting this program, we have taught hundreds of boys about the 7 Virtues. And through the years of classes, small-group discussions, and conversations, the boys have taught us about the questions, challenges, and opportunities they are facing as they grow. That’s why we have created this book—a guide to help boys grow to know who God is, what he has done for them, and how to respond with their lives.

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